Kidney Cancers

Laparoscopic (MIS) Nephron Sparing Nephrectomy

Dr Poh specializes in laparoscopic nephron sparing nephrectomies for kidney tumors. In this technically challenging procedure, patients with kidney cancer no longer have to lose the entire kidney. With a keyhole approach, the tumor together with a rim of kidney tissue can be selectively resected. This can be achieved with good cancer control and an excellent post-operation recovery.

LESS Surgery: Laparoendoscopic Single Site Surgery

Traditional laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery for kidney cancers is performed through 3-4 small ports (holes) to gain access to the kidney in the abdominal cavity. In LESS surgery, resection of the cancerous kidney can be performed through a single port. This improves the cosmetic results of the operation without compromising cancer control. In this centre, the LESS approach is also used in MIS adrenalectomy and kidney cysts excision.